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Any fluid that is compressed increases its temperature proportional to the pressure

Look up in a thermodynamics book,
A transformation of a thermodynamic system can be considered adiabatic when it is quick enough that no significant heat is transferred between the system and the outside. The adiabatic process can also be called quasi-static. At the opposite, a transformation of a thermodynamic system can be considered isothermal if it is slow enough so that the system's temperature remains constant by heat exchange with the outside.
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ConfusedHow if fluid compress? how abaout Temperature raise vs pressure?

For lubrication purposes, temperature vs pressure relationship is rarely an issue, because it does not have significant impact for the great majority of operations and applications. Much more important relationship for almost all tribology applications is pressure vs viscosity. This relationship is one of the cornerstones in design of equipment (e.g. bearings) and formulation of lubricants used in all lubrication regimes; especially the EHL regime applications.
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