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Can someone please direct me to any web site or article that recommends types and/or quantities of lubricants for large rotary driers (bull gears and tires/trunnions)

We are currently using an asphalt type grease sprayed on the bull gear/pinion and soda grease blocks on the tires/trunnions.

A consultant has told us:
"we are over lubricating the tires and trunions on all of our drums. Over lubrication has a tendency to create pitting of the surfaces due to the hydraulic impregnation of the lubricant into the fissures of the steel and subsequent popping of the tire/trunion surface"

Is it possible to over lubricate an open gear or trunnion and cause damage? How can you over lubricate with grease blocks?
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Yeas all of them are right - you can go to a discussion on open gears in this if you search for it in this web site and alternatively there are articles published by Noria on open gear Lubrication -
you Can have dip lubrication, spray Lubrication and in your tire depending on the temp you can use a lubricant either a paste or anti friction coatings
if you want to have specific brands let me know and I can guide you
Thank you all for your replies
I have searched this forum, noria publications and the web but I have not found a lot of detailed info about open gears or tires&trunnions, probably because there are too many factors that affect lubricant choice and quantity(speed, load, atmosphere, etc.)

Lets see if there is any concensus on the best lubricant for tires& trunnions

The granulated fertilizer drier drums at my plant are inside buildings, dust is low to moderate, some use grease blocks that keep the surfaces wetted, some use to have grease/air sprayed on them but were replaced with dry graphite blocks
What do you recommend for tires/trunnions?
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As I known, Asphaltic grease is very old, Exxon mobil Mobilgear OGL007 is a typical Asphaltic grease, Which is not very good on sprayed lubricating system. The pipe is very easy to be blocked and jamed.

In my opinion, NLGI 00# grease with viscosity(40℃) of base oil from 2000cst to 4000cst is very suitable for this kind of open gear. Such as Kluber GRAFLOSCON_A_G_1 ultra, LE 5180. Synthetic oil, in most case, Poly Easter with viscosity(40℃) from 1600cst to 46000cst is also a good choice, such as ExxonMobil Mobiltac 325NC, 375NC, SHC3200, SHC6800, SHC46M, Kluber Klueberfluid CF 3 ULTRA.
NLGI oo# grease with base oil mixture of miniral oil and poly easter, viscosity 40℃ 2000~3000cst is very suitable for open gear with injection system. Such as LE 5180

Another choice is synthetic oil with viscosity 40℃ 1600~46000cst, in most case the poly Easter. such as ExxonMobil Mobiltac 325NC, 375NC, SHC3200, SHC6800, SHC46M, Kluber Klueberfluid CF 3 ULTRA.

I wish it would be help for you
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