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Hello Frank

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Originally posted by macabf:
Very good results Harv, We can do the Ultra Centrifuge but I haven't enough information on the Colorimetric test method or micro particle count.
Our systems tipically have <50 ppm of water.


Hello Frank

If you have a look at the visual comparisons of the oil progress of varnish removal you can see that for all practical purposes when the oil is back to clear and bright the varnish is all but gone. Be sure the samples are cool before you compare, it does made a difference. The rapid removal of the varnish from an isolated sample supports the observations that circulating the clean oil also removes the varnish from the interal components of the system and thus can take much longer to totally clean up the oil. There can be many pounds of varnish to remove in systems like this. Once the system is cleaned up continued filtration with the CJC filter elements and regular yearly changes will ensure that the varnish will not build up again.

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