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We have tested software that automatically detects faults on the sample files from different websites and have found promising results, i.e. the algorithm was able to differentiate between the good and failing parts.

To ascertain the usability of the software for detecting faults we would be pleased to receive further sample sounds. It seems they are hard to find in the internet, so I would like to kindly ask the community for a help. The best to begin with would probably be samples from mechanical equipment and we should always have the original, good condition sample to test in this manner .f.e:

good bearing - needs greasing
good bearing - bad bearing
good bearing - being greased

and so on... the more samples the better.

In return we'll be happy to provide test results and further information. Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards,
Sevana Oy
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Thank you, however, they don't have the kind of samples we require... Basically, we are applying our audio quality analyzer to automate ultrasonic condition monitoring and in order to make a proper testbed we require a couple of samples of a good bearing, a couple of sample of the one that requires greasing and a couple of samples of bad bearing... and all of them should be taken from the same bearing, what makes things challengin...
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