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A total change oil with diesel engine oil 15W40 of an Izusu Crosswind XTO Model 2003 after overhaul. The vehicle was tested for 24hours and on the following day white smoke is observed in the dipstick and engine filling port. The engine was re-checked. No problem with the valve seals, cylinder gasket and PCV. Does anybody know on what might be the cause of the white smoke?

Thank you.
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Hi, check the smoke smell to ascertain whether diesel or oil,
If oil there may be a tight bearing, if diesel atomised fuel could gaining access to the sump, CAUTION! as both situations could cause a sump explosion with severe results, train and other large engines have explosion doors built into the crankcase to prevent the crankcase from being turned into a bomb when components fail and overheat,
Rob S
Hi Rob S,

We have checked the bearing and it was properly tightened but not much. Do you think that the white smoke is due to the engine oil? We have replaced a new other brand and it was working well but that engine oil was degraded for just a month so we changed the engine oil back to the previous oil and no problem were found. No more white smoke.

Appreciate your response and idea.

Thank you,


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