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i need to some help about the additives used in lithium and bentonite grease?

recently, i have research some addtive used in lithium and bentonite grease. it is including the products as following, is there anybody can tell me which is better to use?

1. Antioxidation additives
2,6-butylated hydroxytoluene
2. Anti-rust additives
Barium petroleum sulfonate,
Zinc naphthenate,
Dinonylnaphthalene barium petroleum sulfonate,
Barium Soap of Petroleum Ester Oxide
Amine derivatives, benzisotriazole enghteen ammonium
4.Oiliness additive
Sulfurized olefin cotton oil
5.visocisty index improver
Ethylene propylene copolymer
Polyacrylate polymer, PMA
Polyisobutylene is skychen PIB
6.Organic molybdenum
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