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Which is the best new bench top Particle counter? Currently We have a 2500 Met One bench top model. It is out dated in several ways, mainly the old ISO code 2-5-15 micron sizes. It can not be updated to the new 4-6-14 micron sizes.
I want a bench top model - no pods. Which would be the best for a Factory on site testing particle counter. Would use for both hydraulic and gear oils. Looking at a Pamas SBSS-C and a
Hiac 8011. Interested in Any pros or cons.
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Mr Hughes,

I was very interested in your reply to rklink on LaserNet fines. I have recently come across a lab in our state that can perform lasernet fines - which has some really good features including combining ISO cleanliness with partway towards ferrography - good images and reports. However, I was told that the speed of analysis is limited by the ISO VG grade of the oil ie the heavier the oil the slower the analysis time. I am told around 3 to 4 mins for an ISO VG46 oil but 30 mins or more for an ISO VG320 oil. I am hoping you can shed some light on this and pass on some of your experience particularly with heavier oils.
Thanking you
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