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Originally posted by .:[EM]:.:
Just want to poll the opinions worldwide on this subject.

Em....the real question is.........will the gulf survive this crisis,including the gulf coast,including the Atlantic coast/waters.

Will the Democrats survive this crisis which they can't seem to handle and actually caused indirectly.

Will we survive without being "cap and taxed to death"??? It's coming! So is round two of our present depression/recession. For those who are out of work in this country,that is a depression! Some towns are in a depression,like the gulf coast will be with no fishing industry,and no oil industry thanks to the moratorium.
I second Kirk's question. The well head is still leaking, Methane gas is still coming out (which will suffocate marine life), and BP will still put $$$ in politicians coffers to keep them quiet. BP needs to take advice from XOM (Valdez incident) and get their act straight. Going cheap and cutting corners led to this problem. I live near the Atlantic coast of FL, but enjoy the Gulfside beaches more. Pensacola is getting the tarballs now, soon Sarasota, Venice Beach, and Tarpon Springs will be getting the sludge.

Very Sad,

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