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Good day

I'm looking for the best way to lubricate the cables of the elevator, and the type of lubricant.
I need information on the type of lubricant used to lubricate the cable with the following specifications, to find a compatible lubricant.

Ungalvanized STEEL WIRE ROPE
SS 08 X SL (19)

Diameter of rope: 12 mm
Actual diameter: 12350-12450 mm

Grade: A
Type of core: sisal
Rope Lay: Lay RHRL
Length: 74.02 mm
Lubrication: H-T

If you have any recommendations for cleaning and lubrication of the cable, I appreciate that you sent me.

Thank you very much for your help
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How do you know that the additives are incompatible?
Even if they are proven incompatible, what difference does it make, providing that this synthetic oil has equal or better AW, antirust and anti-oxidation characteristics to mineral oil? What is the basis of your fear that ANY and/or EVERY synthetic fluid would “attack the sisal”? Do you know of any case study or theory that would support this fear?
If the incompatibility of the additives is such a big issue for you, are you aware of the fact that the additives in some mineral-based oils are incompatible with the additives in other mineral oils?
"Wire ropes are lubricated during the manufacturing process. If the rope has a fiber core center, the fiber will be lubricated with a mineral oil or petrolatum type lubricant" (1). http://www.machinerylubricatio...ire-rope-lubrication

10% to 15% of the core’s weight is the original lubricant, if I use a oil relubrication incompatible with the original lubricant, the additives could wear quickly and created damaged in the mechanical elements.
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