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I practice oil analysis condition

the 3 latest result of oil analysis shows that the oil of our gas turbines generators contains Zin and Phosphorus

turbine 1: 116-48-47-59

turbine 2:Zinc 110-95-94-91
phosphorus 77-67-64-60
note zinc and phosphorus are not component of oil formulation

I thank every one who has an idea about the origine of Zinc and Phosphorus
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Originally posted by mr. Hughes:
what about visc?
It might be a leakage from hydraulic oil system if possible.

Viscosity didn't change it is
turbine 1: before contamination 25.32@40c,5.10@100c and after contamination 25.4-26.4-26.3-26.4@40C and 5.14-5.16-5.19-5.14@ 100C

Turbine 2:before 43.5 and after it is 43.8-44.0-43.9-43.8@ 40C
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