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Barium complex grease mostly use for water resistant, high speed type application.
Kluber has range of product in this perticular type because there are rearly any suppliers with this thickner. It has proven that insteed of barium you can use special type of lithium complex grease or lithium-calcium complex graese. How ever we can provide you with a product from Mosil range and should you require that pl contact me at or mobile 09370149793

romesh sawant
manager technical services
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Hi Mohit

Bariums are banned in a lot of places because of the Barium thickner,
We would not ever recomend or use ourselves,

Calcium Sulfonate thickner is superior, and non toxic, > 400 cSt @ 40°C base oil,

Exon make good one,


SKF also have the same I think,

These greases can handle their own weight in water and still provide reasonable lubricant, down side is they cost a bit more,

Ensure gloves and PPE are used if you have to persist with the Barium

Regards Rob S
Special calcium complex soap greases available now, not only replace the barium complex greases - these also exceed the performances deliverable by the barium complex greases. The application you are referring to, appears to be one a typical machine tool spindle lubrication.

You may contact us for more information on this.

Originally posted by Mohit:
Hi Everybody,

Can anybody tell me:
1)what are properties of a greases with Barium Complex as a thickener.
2)What kind of Grease would be best for ball screw and support bearing. We have lot of coolant falling over the application area.
Hi Mohit,

Barium Complex Thickener greases are basically grease having excellent oxidation resistance, very slippery in nature i.e very low internal resisatnce( hence good flowability thru very thin dia pipes), good load carrying properties, high temp. resistance, compatible with almost all thickeners.

Barium complex greases are available in Bechem's range also.


Dipendra Jha
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