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Dear Alam,

How does ferrography carried?
* Your sample is flowwed into a FERROGRAM, a small oil path which affected by magnet. The oil is flowwed through the entry of ferrogram to the exit of ferrogram.
* By Microscope (500 - 1000X) the wear particle is analyzed, based on the wear shape, predicted material, as well as it size.
* Analysis is just comparing the picture that we get, with the existing library. More database you have, more easy you analyze it.
* Due to magnetic flux, the ferro magnetic wear particle (Fe) ussually accumulated at the entry of ferrogram, and the rest (Non-ferro) usually appear at the exit of ferrogram
* Ferrography usually carried out together with WPC test (wear particle concentration) to measure the concentration of ferous particle
* also with AAS/AES/ICP test and ISO Cleanliness Class Test.

What is the suitable equipmnet for this?
Usually the test is done for gearbox oil analysis.

Detail of instrument to do ferrography test, you can contact Global Technical Service which already reply you before.


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