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Chevron Techron is one of the all time greats for cleaning up dirty system, so is STP Fuel Injector Cleaner and for extreme conditions, Gumout Regane. Techron is now added to premium gas here in India at the pumps. For diesel I use Elf DALF which I have found to be the most effective as it removes carbon deposits as well. DALF is recommended every 10000km, its quite abrasive and I have seen it wipe out my old hoses etc. however it works pretty good on extremely clogged engines.
Originally posted by Gurkha:
FI cleaners are mild abrasives so its better to use them as needed or once a while as preventive, its better to use fuel from good sources and the only additive that can be added regularly would be gas treatment.

Abrasive fuel additive??? Who makes that? All fuel additives I know of are solvent based in one form or another. I know TRC's fuel additives have no abrasives and I can't really imagine anyone who would offer one.

The two main types of fuel additive delivery systems, they are the fuel tank pour in and the "true" fuel injection system cleaner. I'm very familiar with the 3M fuel injection system cleaning system as I used it for years as a mechanic. What I call true fuel injection system cleaners are done by repair shops and not the normal shade tree mechanic. It involves disabling the vehicles fuel pump and hooking up a pressurized can of very high solvency additive to the fuel rail. The engine is run until it shuts off (runs out of additive). Caution must be taken when using this type of additive as it will strip the paint off your car. Red Face The 3M kit comes with a pressurized can of cleaner, a can of throttle body cleaner and a bottle of fuel tank additive. For a badly fouled fuel system the 3M kit always worked great for me with great results.

The fuel tank pour in type works more by gradually softening the deposits and over the life of a tank or two of fuel deposits are gradually diminished. It is used more as a preventative maintenance item which prevents bad deposits in the first place. The best advice as to how often to use them is to go by manufacturers recommended mileage intervals. Some are used with every tank full and are multi-purpose. Others are used every couple of tank fulls.
I agree with labman, I use the cheapest gas and I do at times use a cleaner but I use neutra from schaffers. that can be used in oil as well as gas. most fuel additives are not abrassive and can be mixed with no problem. the additive I use can be used everytime I fill up if I want. it helps keep water down in the gas, but it also as chevon does, helps clean and lubicate the injectors. injectors are a small piston with a spring and a ball bearing in them and they can get stuck open with the newer type of gas if low amounts of lubricant is available. that is why I tell a lot of my clients that run big trucks and have a 300 gal tank to put in half a qt of trans in each tank to supplement their fuel each time they fill up. anyway, hope that helps. bob
Easy way to clean your injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber is to but 2 gallons of E85(85% alcohol)in your car and fill it up with your favorite gas. Or just get a gallon of Xylene from your favorite paint store and fill your tank up with gas too. Smile Gasoline already has these additives in it anyway, you will be just adding some more to clean and raise your octane Smile Won't hurt and it works... Smile

On my diesels I use 2T oil exclusively and drop DALF after 3000 miles, none of my high mileage diesels have needed any pump service and both India and the Philippines, especially rural areas have truly filthy and adulterated diesel.

My use of the word abrasive was wrong, I meant corrosive. My pipes haven't lasted long with DALF in the tank.
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