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Use the same oil and follow the steps below:

- Use 20% of new oil capacity;

- Turn the gearbox for 1 hour;

- Them turn off the machine

- Change the oil again, for at least 20% of capacity again;

- Turn the machine for 1 hour again;

- Them flow away the rest of oi;

- And complete with new oil until the working level (use the gear line).

I recommend use Mobilgear 600XP (ISO VG at the machine indicated)

The best for micro pitting wear.
For high viscosity oils used in gear boxes and mining truck wheel motors and differentials, we have designed a filtration system and flushing procedure which utilizes the existing oil unless it is beyond it's useful life. This gear flushing unit is equiped with pre-heaters and reservoir to provide a hot flush of the gearbox and continuous 3 micron filtration of the circulated oil which will remove the fine particulate and moisture as well as the sludge and varnish built up on the components and sump. Removing this contamination by circulating clean oil minimizes the chance of damaging bearings etc. than if a solvent or similar process were used. Each of the elements used can retain 12 to 15 pounds of dirt and metal particulate. To see the amount of ferrous metal (and resulting ISO) that typically is removed by this filter please click here youtube

For more information please email me directly

You can follow the following steps for flushing the gear boxes:
It is always the best practice to flush with the same oil, that is to be used for operation.
First, drain out the used oil and ensure that accumulated muck in the sump is thoroughly cleaned manually if required
Charge gear box with fresh Oil, up to 25-30% of its oil tank capacity OR as an alternative you can use the Kluber flushing oil.
Churn it for around one to two hours, without load (No load condition)
Drain out this oil thoroughly.
Clean up internals, including the filters etc
Charge Fresh Gear Oil to run in full load.

for kluber flushing oils you can contact me at
Hello Bozly

If you are interested to check out the most effective way to flush and clean a gear box please click on this link High viscosity flushing and filtration

We have developed a mobile flushing unit which is designed for high viscosity oils(up to ISO 680)and cold climates. Using hot oil and 3 micron absolute filtration the gearbox is cleaned well below the cleanliness of new oil eliminating the cost of oil changes and discarding the old oil.

For more information please contact me at

Thanks Harv
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