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The manufacturer of a drill press threading attachment recommended half filling it with 2oz of Mobilux EP 023 semi-fluid grease with the injunction: “Always use Mobilplex EP No. 23 lubricant. Do not experiment with other lubricants.” This is a lithium based EP grease, NLGI 000, uses ISO 320 base oil, has worked penetration 460, and scores 0.4 mm on the 4 ball test. Unfortunately the smallest quantity in which this is sold seems to be 5 gallons. Can anyone recommend an NLGI 000 grease with equivalent specifications that is available in small quantities, and possibly a dealer who sells it?
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I don't think you're going to find a semi-fluid grease in a tube, for obvious reasons. A 35 lb keg (5 gal) is lot to buy if you only need 2 oz. Semi-fluids are primarily used in industrial applications, so you'd be more likely to find something equivalent at a NAPA than at Manny, Moe & Jack's, if you're going to try the auto supply route.

ExxonMobil tends to work the high-volume customers; a company that big loses money trying to supply small shops. See if one of the brands that supplies local machine shops has something equivalent in a smaller size. Lubriplate comes to mind as a possible supplier. (Or contact ExxonMobil for a sample of Mobilux EP023, it will probably be enough for multiple change-outs.)

As for compatibility, grease incompatibility is almost exclusively caused by soap incompatibility. I can't remember running a study where the soap chemistries were comparable and the assessment was not 'compatible'.

So, when looking at a replacement the two most important aspects are soap chemistry and NLGI grade. You'll want a lithium or lithium complex NLGI 000; there's no negotiation on those points. Base oil vis is next, the 320 would be preferred, but you'll probably survive with a 460 or 220.

Good luck!
bstebbinstribology posted:
Did you locate your product. I might be able to provide a small sample.

I to have a problem. i needed to use my snap on tapping tool. That requires the EP 23 lubricant.  Well my lack of use has caused the lubricant to harden. I have been trying to create a substitute with lubriplate lithium.  I don't think this will work.  

If I could purchase 4oz from you I would appreciate your help.

Do you think there are enough people needing this oil to form a Co-operative.

I  would join or help form one.

Thank you

Arvid Johnson


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