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Hello Everyone,

I am a graduate student from Virginia Tech working on a thesis project related to Oil Analysis.

I am working on creating a graphical/visual format for oil analysis data reporting instead of the prevalent tabular format.

I am interested in getting critical limits for the Engine Compartment of Caterpillar 350L Excavator.

The properties I am looking for are:

FTIR are Elements - Fe, Cu, Cr, Al, Sr, Pb,
Na, K, Mo, Sn, Ni, Ag, Ti, V, Sb, B, Zn, P, Ca, Mg, Ba, Mn

Condition Properties - Soot (PPM), Sulfation, Oxidation, Nitration and Antiwear.

Also limits for Ferrous Debris

Please get me to the correct resources to get this information.

It will be really helpful for me to finish my project.

Thanks in advance

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There is a Caterpillar manual - you can download a copy off the caterpillar website. It's called SEBU-6250 Caterpillar machine fluid specification. There is a section on SOS analysis guidelines in the manual. Some of the limits are CAT proprietary information - so it may be difficult to get.

As for the tests and what they mean, I suggest you do a course on oil analysis. I have done the noria one on line - called how to read an oil analysis report which was very good.
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