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Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for the help!

I am working at a weld-nut factory, and I have been working on an oil filtration project over the last couple of months.

Our cold-forging machines are currently using a forging oil that when we recieve it, it is at a TAN level of around 1.0. However, after about one and a half years of use our TAN levels are rising to about 34. If I'm not mistaken this is extremely high, and it's most likely caused by great amounts of oxidation.

Our cold-forger's oil tanks flow through an open environment at two different spots on the machine, and I was wondering if we were to close this off, so that the oil wouldn't be out in an open-environment would this drastically reduce the oxidation of oil and thus the TAN?

My other question would be what are some of the best ways to remove acidity from oil. After searching around the net I found a useful page written by Hy-Pro (, but I can't seem to find to much other information on the topic.

Any help is much appreciated!
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