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Our MAINTelligence system allows you to automate your lubrication rounds and your lubrication used oil analysis in a single package.

It also allows you to automatically generate maintenance notifications in SAP based on UOA alaert limits or exceptions found in the field during rounds.

Extensive support for the use of PDAs for lube and inspection round automation.


PS We don't have to sing "Hail To The Chief" when Drew walks into the room now, do we??? Big Grin
We have written lubrication surveys with Generation System's Survey Pro and downloaded them into Lube It!. While both programs have limitations particularly when compared to a full blown CMMS, as far as lubrication goes Lube It! covers the need fairly well. We have one client who has successfully taken all of the data in Lube It! and put it into their SAP program. I have limited knowledge regarding the capabilities of the SAP system but my client assures my it is all encompassing. Perhaps there are different versions of SAP or you might consider contacting them for further clarification.
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