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Both the greases mentioned will perform well, the Calcium Sulfonate would be our chaoice as is Over based preventing corrosion and will continue to provide good lubrication with 50-60% water inter mixed with the grease, The calcium Sulfonates are not suitable for high speed, we are a lot warmer here in Australia so look for a ISO 460 Base Oil @ an NLGI 2 rather than a #1.
SKF, Anglomoil, Mainlube carry calcium Sulfonates, here, the Mobil Exxon Grease has CaCO3 Solids, usually a light brown opaque grease.


Rob S
Hi Frank

Long time no chat nice the see you are still at the wheel

I'm inclined to steer you towards the Calcium Sulfonates as they were designed for steel mill type applications,

Polyureas will perform OK in these applications but I think the calcium sulfonate will be the superior product.
Polyureas are excellent grease for hot no regreasing application as the thickener will not solidify significantly in over temp situations.

The calcium Sulfonate can "lock up" if not relubricated in hot applications but most of your applications are lubricated via auto lubricator so would work OK,
The main advantage of the calcium Sulfonate is the thickener is over based providing very good corrosion control in addition to the ability to lubricate well when mixed with water.

I think the importers all utilise the Mobil Exxon calcium Sulfonate (Was Witco), the 400 cSt base oil version would suit,
The opaque light Brown Grease Uses CaCO3 as the boundary additive so no chemical EP and no reactivity from water being mixed.

Hope this assists.

Best regards

Rob S
Ok to be honest with you, you need to look at a Calcium Sulfonate grease. Look at the specs for they all are not the same, for example. ACT has one that has 800KG weld, less than 1% water washout and has a dropping point of 550F. The working temp is 500F. On the other hand Mobil has a product that is 450 KG weld, 3.5% water washout. This makes a difference in the steel industry. I know that Bob McKimm is placing this product in every application in a steel mill, because it works. You get a better product over the Polyurea that everyone is talking about. You might pay a little more but it is well worth it. If you need any further information let me know or call me.

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