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We finally received permission to start installing Minimess sample valves in our plant. We do have some issues that need to be addressed:

1) Anybody have any experience with these valves leaking? One of our design engineers thought there have been issues with leaking valves.

2) If you are obtaining a sample from a component with a small reservoir (appx.1qt.) can you get a 4oz. sample without compromising the ability to maintain a satisfactory oil level?

Thanks for any input.
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we have been using them for some time now on 26 different hyd. units, no leaks as of yet but you may want to be sure and use a god pipe thread dope or tape.
as far as the sample on the 1 qt. reservoir, i dont believe 4 oz. would be enough for the lab to work with but even more i dont think sampling a 1qt. reservoir is very cost effective un less your loosing pumps or valves and just want to see where the problem may be. you can drain and refill a small unit like that cheaper than you can have the lab test it.

Thanks for the response. That is just what I want to hear.

No, sampling a 1 qt. reservoir is not cost effective but, nothing is at a Nuc power plant. Herguth Lab can do all the testing we require with a 4 oz. sample. An example of our appx. 1 qt. reservoirs is a Gould MT pump with a 1.3 qt. reservoir.

We need to sample this equipment on-line. Operations does not want to clear equipment during operation.
Pete, how long did it take you to get permission?

Do you have a blanket mod written?

Any idea on projected cost per install?

As to the depletion of levels from sampling. It's a pain, but it's life in a nuc.

We do 4 ounce samples also. and it is painful on more than the small reservoirs. Our SACM EDGs have 6 gallon generator bearing housings. With about a 6 ounce window.

I would like to be able to go to minmess' here, but so far Design just doesn't get it.

Mostly, I think, because my predecessor (sp?) doesn't like them. I'll keep trying.

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