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SP3 is the latest version of Mitsubishi's ATF. It supercedes SP2. I believe it is more slippery than Chrysler's ATF+3/+4 formulations, giving a smoother shift and longer lasting transmission.
In terms of friction coeficient,
Type F is strong and abrupt
Dexron/Mercon is moderate
Chrysler is smooth
Mitsubishi is smoother.

The use of Dexron will shorten the transmission life.
According to

They say that:
Valvoline supports the use of MERCON V ATF in a broad range of transmissions beyond those requiring DEXRON-III, MERCON, and MERCON V fluids including those where the following fluids are recommended:

o Allison C-4
o Chrysler ATF+3 or ATF+4 fluids
o Toyota (and Lexus) Type T, T-III or T-IV fluids
o Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II or SP-III fluids
o Hyundai
o Honda ATF-Z1 fluid (except in CVTs)
o BMW LT71141 or LA2634 fluids
o Nissan Matic-D, Matic-J, or Matic-K fluids

I am still looking for more information though to be certain.
Additional info:

Special Mitsubishi recommendation for automatic transmission fluid. This fluid has Dexron III fluidity but with different frictional characteristics.

Special Mitsubishi recommendation for automatic transmission fluid. A more developed version with better low temperature properties and longer drain life and shift durability.
Originally posted by prtdvl:
I've been using ATF+3 in my 03 Montero which calls for Diamond SP III (ATF +4 is supposedly the equivalent.) The ATF+3 has done fine for 90k miles now. Amsoils ATF is supposed to meet Diamond SPIII specs.

Where did you get that information that ATF+4 is equivalent to Diamond SP III? I have a 03 MOnsTero too, and the mechanic wanted to save me some money by putting ATF+4 in, Im still quite hesitant because my Monster doesnt feel the same, the kick is quite there.. Besides there is this forum stating that, Maxlife ATF is the equivalent, or am I reading this wrong??

Hope to hear from you soon!
Does anyone here know the history of Mitsubishi Transmission fluid??

Looking specifically for a type called Dia ATF SP.

I already know it has been superseded, and know it's equivalents, but wanted to know, when it existence started and ended.

I am currently looking for someone who might have NOS stock of this fluid. Was this fluid only sold in Japan?

Please reply back?


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