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I would be curious to know how many of you are surprised at the the % of end-users who extend oil drains beyond 10,001 miles ? I'm a little surprised since synthetics as a whole have less than 10% of the total market; wonder if this forum has more informed users than the average consumer.

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Keep in mind, only 43 people have responded to the poll. That would leave 9 people at saying they have an interval of 10,000 miles or more. I am one of those 9. 122 miles one way to work. 244 miles per day, 239 of which are at 75mph on the freeway. Hopefully the other 8 are also performing oil analysis in order to ensure they can safely run on this type of interval.
Kevin- I'd also hope that you are correct about this forum having more informed users than the average consumer. As long as people continue to provide quality information in this forum, hopefully the average consumer will be more informed BECAUSE of this forum.
I'd like to see more people vote on this topic so there is a better feel of what everyone does.

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