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Depends where the leak is from. If it is a rotating seal like a rear main or similar, I would try AutoRX.

If it is something like a valve cover, you migh temporarilly seal it with a crude seal swell additive from your local autoparts store.

If the leak is less than 1qt/1000 miles or so, I wouldn't mess with it at all (I espicially wouldn't use any seal swell stop-leaks).

The upside to AutoRX is that it has an overall benificial effect, and they are nice to deal with if it doesn't fix your problems.
I agree that in general replacing the gasket or seal is the best policy. However, I've been convinced that ester based cleaning products can, perhaps 60% of the time fix rotating seal leaks. I would probably degrease the enigine some and look for the leak source, or even use the UV dye...but that's just me. I would also consider snugging up all of the valve cover and oil pan bolts if accessable. You didn't say how much it leaks?

I am more familar with AutoRX than the other similar products on the market, and they also happen to stand by their product pretty well. On the downside, I think it runs something like $20 a bottle (that's if you get the discount for being a member of an internet oil discussion forum, which I think this forum should count).

Oh, if it turns out that you had a leaking pan or valve cover gasket, the AutoRX will have only improved the internal condition of your engine in the process.
Originally posted by Jimjohn:
My 1994 ford taurus leaking oil - what is the best additive to help stop this leak

I would determine where exactly it is leaking from, and if possible fix it. If not switch over to a HM dino oil, save your money on any of the additives. For what some of them cost $25+ you can get 5 qts of a HM oil and a filter if on sale at AAP or P-Boys. Especially with July 4 around the corner.


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