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Recently a customer of mine had a variable displacement piston pump failure. Upon disassembly we found that an intermediate gear and a secondary bolt on pump gear had failed in side the main pump case. In turn, causing the failure of the piston pump. What makes it worse is that the entire assembly was sent away and rebuilt by a reputable company 7 months prior. Two other pumps bolt on to the secondary pump gear, one a fixed displacement piston pump and the other a fixed displacement gear pump. I possibly think that a blocked high pressure hose from one of the fixed displacement pumps caused the abrupt load on the secondary pump gear in turn causing the gear to fail, and contaminating the entire pump case. What do you think ?
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Hi, does the failed bolt have a recognisable breakage after the munch up,
if so the cleavage will be one breakage if overload occurred,
if “beach marks” are present then the amount of lines will be the number of cracking incidents before breakage which will be more likely if components become loose and vibrated out.
Rob S
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