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Composite bearings are ideal for your excavator application. nylon bushings don't have the compressive strength to handle the loads. Composite bearings have compressive strength up to 60,000 PSI depending on the specific grade chosen. Composite bearings are used widely in Mobile Equipment, Cranes, Ship Rudder Bearings etc. Anywhere you have high loads, High Impact, slow speeds. Composite bearings are a grat way to go.
Feel free to contact me for more information if interested.
This is very interesting!

What's the cost of these composite bearings compared to metal bearings?

I'm asking because we have several machines in a rather harsh environment, with lots of contaminants (stone dust and peat dust) that kill regular bearings rather quickly - a better solution to this problem is highly appreciated.


I bought the cast nylon as stock, not as finished bearing. Total cost was 175 $. Just one 4 in original bearing (2 required) were 300$ at the Komatsu dealer...

However, a surgery for a groin hernia has put this repair on the back burner...

But I will certainly post my results in due time.

Email-me fbrabant at gmail dot com as I dont come to this forum very often...
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