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We had an issue at our plant with loss of maintaining proper documentation of the pedigree of the oil. For safety related machines we keep track of records for parts that are replaced on these machines. This includes the topping off of oil to the bearings.

Unfortunately we have quality oil that meets dedication testing standards we set and we have regular oil that most industries have. Because we have both onsite and we cannot confirm what oil was used to top off some machines bearings, it's an issue for us.

One solution would be to turn off all machines and change all the oil. Of course we don't want to do that without proof of a problem. shutting down the whole plant is a HUGE issue for us.

The obvious answer for me is to test and validate all machines are in good health and validate the results reflect the proper oil for that machine.

Have any of you had similar problems?

How have you managed those issues?

I could really use some industry experience on how to resolve this. Frown
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