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During alignment after all pre checks e.g.soft foot,run out,bent shaft,dial bar sag etc. Now we take reading on face and rim of coupling.Is these measurement should be in tight motor foot bolt condition or loose motor bolt condition.Pump is fixed.( I think if soft foot is corrected precisely then it does not matter either we do measurement in tight or loose foot bolt condition.).thanks for consideration
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"It is always advisable to take reading at tight bolt condition because while tightening it may turn slightly the motor because bolt can foul wioth the shim what you have fixed for alignment or bolt may touch with the motor body which can turn the motor. Full tight of the bolt while taking reading is always advisable."
hi Roy
thanks for reply. Take the case pump is in misaligned condition. Now I have taken readings in tight bolt condition. from these readings shim thichkness is calculated. Now for inserting shims below foots one have loose bolts again, so chances of motor movement is there. I think if soft foot is correct in well withinn range than there is no effect on alignment weather bolts are tight or loose during measurement because if soft foot is corrected than shims could not compressed/pressed due to tightening.May plz guide further.
Hi,it sounds as though you are not using a laser so the best way and quickest Ive found is to use dial indicators(indicator with a flat magnet mounted on the bottom of the dial)will give you a precision soft foot reading and aids in alignment.I have been an industrial mechanic for about 25 yrs. and Im still learning. Hope this helps! Brett
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