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Read our primer articles on High Mileage Oil, Synthetic Oil and Kinematic Viscosity

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You can get the MSDS at However, you will need the bar code number.

There is a better lubricant for what your doing. It's called Penetro 90. It has rust inhibitors and wont evaporate. Available in spray cans so it is much easier to apply.

My e-mail is listed in my profile. I can send you information on the Penetro 90. E-mail your city and zip code, I can tell you how to get it.
I'm not looking to store any more firearms but I was anxious over possible chlorinated esters. I will look into Amsoil if I have to do it in the future, although I probably am leaning toward Cosmoline because the military used it and I've seen so people who restore firearms purchase rifles that were stored in Cosmoline, and when they finally get that goop off of the weapon there is not a spot of rust on it.

For greasing the rails on guns, I've heard that Lubriplate SFL-0 is a really good lubricant because it is an aluminum based complex with good lubricity, moisture displacement and corrosion resistance.

I usually use a gun oil like Tri-Flow because it had Teflon in it, but I've heard that Dexron ATF is just a good a lubricant for firearms as any gun oil on the market.
I also have Lubriplate SFL-0 that I grease with but I have to say this GP multi-duty complex hi-temp litium based grease seems smoother.

When dry-firing a Glock it's necesary to work the slide - (move it back) to re-activate the trigger.

I've done it with oil, (Tri-Flow w/ Teflon), Lubriplate Aluminum based grease - SFL-0 and the el-cheapo Walmart Litium grease, and the generic Litium grease is the smoothest.

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