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I am looking for advice, or a good source of advice, on a specific topic. I work at the Slater Mill Historic Site in Pawtucket RI where we have a Mid-breast waterwheel of wooden construction with cast-iron gears. The perimeter gear of this wheels sees heavy exposure to water. In the past we have used Texclad 2, a lubricant commonly used on the fifth wheel of tractor trailers. This lubricant was chosen years ago because of its water-resistance. I am looking for new enviromentally friendly lubricants that are also water-resistant. After talking to a local lubricant retailer, food-grade ChevronTexaco Cygnus CSC EP 2 and FM CSC EP 2 were suggested. Is this a good choice? Are there other options out there that I should compare the CSC lubricants to?

many thanks,
Slater Mill staff
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Do these gears actually go in the water? I can understand wanting a environmentally friendly lube if they go into water. If (as I suspect) they are inside the mill and not exposed going through the water directly I wouldn't worry to much about a eco lube. You might consider using a grease that is specifically designed for exposed gears. Something like Takilube or Special Exposed Gear Grease. Both are very adhesive in nature and highly resistant to being slung off or dripping off.
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