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I'm always leery of these "miracle" products. I appreciate an alternate brand of oil but the "rejuvenation" thing throws me off.

Had a guy selling Bitron try to sign me up years ago. I was polite and even took the video home to watch. It looked like great stuff - running a vehicle for 50(?) miles with no water and no oil. This stuff never really took off either. He was a little upset, when I declined his offer. Yes, I knew how pyramid schemes worked. I really had no interest from the getgo.

I'm not saying Xado is a pyramid scheme or is bad. I think they may have had better success trying to market a high quality product rather than a "miracle" product.
As far as I know, they aren't really marketing it as a miracle product per se, just an innovative product to help "reverse the wear". Not like many others before, and I'm sure that many others after will give the same jargon on their product as well.

From reading, it does seem like a quality product. Just how high of quality is what I was getting at, and if it would be worth trying out.
Saw the tv commercial again today. Not a direct quote but as close as I can remember.

"rebuilds internal engine parts"

I know they did not say rejuvenate. Could have been "build up".

That is quite a claim!
Anyone else see this commercial? I think it was from Thunderbay TV in Ontario.

Someone has a lot of faith in this stuff to pay for television time.
Meaning that this additive could be along the sames lines as the PTFE additive of old bruce381?

If the particles are small enough, they wouldn't clog up things, would they? I would just have to worry about the settleage problem, but that would also depend on the actual quantity of particulate matter in the actual lubricant itself that doesn't want to stay in suspension, right?

Well, this was just an oil that I came across quite by accident while doing my usual late night surfing binges...
MPG-EXTreme™ is a surface metal conditioner for use wherever any conventional lubricants can be used. Unlike lubricants that simply coat the metal surface, MPG-EXTreme™ forms a molecular bond that chemically reacts with the metal compound to create a remarkably strong surface, that serves to drastically reduce friction, creating a significant reduction in heat and wear.
Guys, all you need to do is try it.

Any Land Rover enthusiasts will know that the LT77 gearbox is a real problem with rough gear changes. Tried several other transmission oils. XADO claimed that their 75W-90 would cure all. I don't like bold claim either but don't knock it some how this stuff works, improvement was significant. Can't tell you how, but noise is much less and change is smoother. In my opinion $$ worth spent.

Perhaps this is a bit late, but I post for the benefit of those sill interested.

Here's the link (including fancy flash)

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