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I'm also facing same problem with my camry.I took it to Toyota for enigne oil change. They told me that they have detected cylinder head gasket-hydrocarbons in the cooling system and recommended disassembly of engine and giving me estimate of around $1500. Is ther eanybody who faced same kind of problem? Can you please let me know how did you over the problem? I would appreciate your help

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Thanks for reading my message.
Actually, I don't know much. That's what they told me. As per them there could be some leakage or crack.. I don't understand that exactly. Moreover yesterday, I saw engine check light turned on, when I started running the car. I stopped and opened the hood. I heard some bubble noise. It was the noise like boiling water. I also saw some liquid drained out of somewhere from car.
it seems engine was overheated. I had similar problem with my MMC DION.
When i changed timing belt i found some leakage from engine head gasket. It looked like wet spots of oil. I found out that engine was overheated and that was cause odistortion of head geometry and breach hermetic joining.
I disassembled engine( took engine head off ) and applied "liquid" gasket (some MOPAR hermetic for engines) and problem was decided.
If i've got you wrong - sorry.

There are many different products on the market for fixing blown head gaskets, the best that I'v seen and used is called HEAL-A-SEAL . You can go on the internet and read more about the product and order at the same time. I must say I had some gelling of oil spots in my anti-frezze and want to my local mech and he told me I have a blown head gasket and it needs to be replaced at the cost $1200.00 - anyway I went onto the internet and found this product. I ordered the product and placed it in my car. No more gelling for me all at the cost of under $250.00 a very nice saving. Hope this helps you.

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