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sprintman, you, Gurkha, and I were rudely interrupted in our conversation regarding rice bran oil a few years back. I distinctly remember Korean Redneck (He really was a redneck !), aka Happy Hyundai, starting a fight with Gurkha. For some reason it was Gurkha who got banned. Of course, Korean Redneck was banned during the course of a fight with me shortly after. Ah, how I'll be missing all that preferential treatment! I've always been such an ingrate. Razz
Originally posted by moribundman:
Hey, Sherlock, when dealing with infants, one has to become an infant! Big Grin

If you want to argue, go argue with your own kind. Now go back to BIGOT and spin the story. Better make sure I'm really mori, though. Serious doubts have been voiced! Razz

Nope, have no desire to argue with the likes of you. Now, I'll have to go back to BITOG and admit that in defending you, I was totally wrong. I'll go hang out with the "kind" of folks who understand how to respect one another, even when they disagree, and how to discuss issues like adults. You can go wherever - and I could not care less where that is. Bye.
Ok...this is getting pretty darn bad...

First I would like to say thank you to the ones who have missed my posting. Me being the main job in the family has severely altered my computer play time...such is life.

Second, eh, do we really need to bicker like school playground children about which site is better/worse/indifferent?

To have an opinion is welcomed, even more so with knowledge. But these boards were designed to be used by anyone with half an interest in lubrication in general, which means you will get a few neanderthals along the way.

I've just not been keeping up with this as much as I used to, because of monetary restrictions to experimenting like I used to be able to, but there is still decent information to be had, if, and like I stated before, if you sort through.

And lastly to Mori... please don't go. I enjoying reading your informative posts too much Big Grin
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