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Chumley, true ignorance does prevail in these areas of chemistry yet arrogance, I believe you top all here for that, this undesirable quality has been interwoven throught all your post, and I applaud you for doing your homework with the PHD's excellent, additionally it seems you picked up a few more things from them as well in terms of undesirable qualities that generally run rampant among such individuals.

It's a shame to see such evidence of this in you as well, your comments have been tainted with such traits throughtout if the comments are truly reflective of how you feel toward those on this board and there level of inferiority to you, might I suggest u not waste any more of your time dealing with such individuals thereby your frustration levels will be at a minimum.

Perhaps you may be able to lerk amongst those with the PHD's and glean more in terms of undesirable traits nonetheless I believe all of what you have shared up to this point becomes null and void largely because of your tenor and demeanor that came across, the addage stands "you get more flies with honey than vinegar" is apropo particularly in your case.

Now that you have polarized your self from this board. I will refrain from commenting on any matter that you bring up (which is futility anyway) I've said my peace I through with you!!!

There's always at least one in every group like you isn't there? What makes you think I'm interested in catching/attracting flies? If putting vinegar in a fire hose keeps the the loser ankle weight free lunch bunch <pests> at bay, I'm all for it. Having a lot of fecal matter lying around is usually what attracts the flies in the first place. Have you ever heard of having a sense of humor? Or was it lost in the rush when you picked up your season tickets for the free lunch bunch convention?

Ok Chumley, my feelings are this: If you could care less about this particular product/lubricant/technological breakthrough/b.s. or whatever catagorical metaphor that you would prefer to attach to it, then why are you defending your standpoint of chemistry mastery as agressively as you are?

I am NOT a tribologist, chemist, engineer, or blender of any lubricant product. I would like to think of myself as a overly-educated average consumer, that has a desire to learn more, but am NOT in the field itself, nor do I have the resources at hand to obtain that PhD degree that you seem to put so much emphasis on having.

I went to college, took some classes, decided to work for a while, went back to Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts and received my Associates in Culinary Arts. Someday, maybe, once my family is fully grown and provided for, I might go back for my Masters. I used to tinker with cars in my earlier days, and became very interested in engines from a very young age.

I only started to scratch the surface of just how much knowledge, technology, additives, and chemical compounds go into a superior quality lubricant just recently, hence why I started to ask questions. Lots and lots of them. Sometimes they were answered, sometimes not, and sometimes I received too much information, meaning chemical terminologies and formulaes that I couldn't quite grasp at the time I was given them.

I'm no expert, I don't expect a "free lunch" buffet with all you can absorb oil appetizers. I just want to learn more than I know, be it by internet, library, research projects, or just asking questions of people that are willing to share there "hard earned and paid for" educations to someone who, maybe, just can't go and spend 20 years to go and learn it somewhere for an excessive amount of capital.

Now, why do I follow this topic? As I have asked in my past posts, and along with a very curious few other fellow members, I am curious about this product and wanted some data to prove that it may in fact be a terrific lubricant and worth the price of admission to the dance. Nothing more, no sales pitch, no hype, just information.

I guess that is just too much information, and I qualify as a fly on the wall...
Easy, guys. We don't need any more speculation (insert your choice of words in place of speculation). Where are the uoa's, particle counts, TBN on this Synlube stuff? If this web site can only attract one or two users of Synlube then what's the use? Steve Jobs of Apple (then), had it covered with the statement that a new and different product can't be just a bit better. It has to be a whole lot better to ever succed in the market place. If Synlube can't prove itself to be a lot better, and I mean real proof not just marketing hype, then Synlube's place in the market will be and remain, a very small slice that may never grow.

Now, where are those lab results, and when will the following lab results be comming, and how often? Anything else is just foreplay.

I do care a lot about people being smarter. As popular today as it might be, proudly displaying a badge of ignorance is only recognized/appreciated by those who also have one.

I appreciate your efforts in the culinary arts and as such, most likely, I wouldn't try to tell you about cooking, since clearly, chances are, if you did your homework, you know far more about it than me. Instead, I'd gladly pay a premium to eat at your restaurant, when/if you are tantalizing my taste buds (and continue to do so) with foods that I can't make at home.

Now if I, like Houkster regularly did/does in this thread made a comment like, "In every good cheesecake, you'll need to add at least a cup of SynLube. "What would you say? Clearly you KNOW that anyone who makes a comment like that has no idea what they are talking about. (you use local creamery fresh grade A butter at less that half the cost of Synlube) I rest my case.

Like Barkerman says, "I'm still waiting for the evidence about SynLube."

Of course, if you made a cheesecake with a cup of SynLube and I actually tasted it, (then promptly spit it out) performing my own taste test, chances are Houkster would have some twisted logic trying to explain to me that I don't know what I'm talking about and what tastes like crap to me actually "seems like" it would taste good to him, if he would actually taste (test) it. But, to date, he never has.

So far, Houkster hasn't provided any evidence better than that. And, to date, Houkster has no cognizance of that.

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Here is my take on Synlube.

1. They talk about usefull life of the vehicle. Someone mentioned on this site that they inquired about putting it into their vehicle with 150k miles on it and Miro said why bother with that old thing. So lets say Miro believes that 150k is the usefull life of the engine.

2. Lets say that through oil consumption and oil used for analysis accounts to one quart per 20k miles. At 20k miles the oil is 16k miles old. At 40k the oil is 28.8k miles old. At this point the consumption increases to 1 qt per 10k miles. Then the oil age at 50k = 31.1, 60k = 32.8, 70k = 34.4. At 1qt per 10k miles in a 5qt sump the oil will never reach 40k miles old.

3. It is "possible" that he has come up with a 40k OCI oil. Heck, Amsoil has a 25k oil. However, it will not get you a 500k engine. The internals will probably look like crap at 150k. But it will get you there. Hence, a lifetime oil.
I do care a lot about people being smarter. As popular today as it might be, proudly displaying a badge of ignorance is only recognized/appreciated by those who also have one.

WoW. Not a lot of tolerance here. I used to think that motor heads were like the guys on the Speed channel and NA-SCAR circuit -- backslapping, glad-handing, help anybody, jock talking, girl chasing good old boys...
Walk into the pits at your next local NASCAR event and start asking the winning pit crews lots of technical questions about their cars. Try taking lots of close up pictures too!

As you are thrown out of the pits on your XXX by the security team, you'll see how "friendly" the competitive winning teams really are. (with regard to divulging their trade secrets) Chances are you've been getting your info as filtered through the media circus rather than straight from the source.

Of course, if your looking for someone to autograph a promotional photo, give you a free hat, or pose for a photo while patting your son on the back, you've taken the bait, hook, line, and sinker. I bet you think the car you buy at the dealership is just like the car your sons favorite racing hero drives at the racetrack! Get a clue!

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Seriously, sorry to have ruined your day. (kinda like a kid who just learned that there is no Santa Clause?) That was not my intention. If you love NASCAR racing, by all means, go watch/enjoy it.

And I'm not apologizing for busting my butt for years to get an education when clearly there are many who don't, but expect the benefits for a lot less money/effort. There's a whole world out there waiting to take advantage of those who would rather get their information second hand rather that discover for themselves. "I heard that . . ., My friend said that . . . , My mommie told me that . . ., Over at http://www.blah,blah,, it says that . . . .

If that's your preferred information/education source, be prepared to get screwed on a daily basis. Good luck!

Sorry folks, I just can't bring myself to purchase anything from a company that advertises "synthetic water"


This system of coolant products includes:

SynLube™ Synthetic Prediluted 50% Coolant/Anti-Freeze,
a 50/50 mixture of coolant and synthetic water,
SynLube™ Synthetic 100% Coolant/Anti-Freeze,
a concentrate intended for freeze point adjustment
SynLube™ Coolant Life Extender,
a prescribed additive system recharge package.
SynLube™ Cooling System Flush,
a prescribed cooling system heavy duty flushing fluid.
SynLube™ Cooling System Cleaner,
a prescribed cooling system heavy duty cleaner (powder).
SynLube™ Ultra Pure Double Distilled Water,
a prescribed cooling system normal duty flushing fluid.
SynLube™ Synthetic Water,
a prescribed cooling system dillution fluid.
SynLube™ Cooling System Sealant,
a prescribed cooling system sealant (powder).
Synthetic Water is created by burning Hydrogen Gas in 100% Oxigen atmosphere (such as NASA used in spacecrafts before the fire incident) by high voltage ionic spark created by high frequency Tesla Coil.

Such water has unusual clarity, glows under ultraviolet light and is exceptional solvent that however does not cause acidic or caustic damage as other solvents might.

Also Synthetic Water DOES NOT CONDUCT electric current, that is it is INSULATOR !

Because most damage in cooling system is caused by electrolitic reactions, there is current flow between different engine parts, and different alloys - Use of synthetic water in coolant eliminates this process and thus coolant can be "Cool-4-Life" !!!

Since Syntehtic Water does not occur in nature, unless you have got it from us, you have never seen it !~

It takes 6 hours to make one gallon of it !

Miro Kefurt


Are ALREADY POSTED ON OUR WEB, Just take time to read it !
Cost of SynLube:

Seems that ALL of you have failed to include the 100% credit we give to anyone who sends back USED SynLube, any time !!!

So the cost of being a synner is the cost of the oil filter ($20 to $30 for Microglass) which is used from 2 to 10 years depending on vehicle application

Cost of magnets $12 usually good for 125 years

And the OIL your engine burns, which is as low as 35,000 miles to a quart of ADD oil ($20) in some new FORD an TOYOTA engines or as bad as 900 miles to a quart in 911 PORSCHE.

Ferrari and Maserati as well as Aston Martin have hard time to get more than 2,500 miles on quart of oil, and GEO Metro is in the same range.

SO the question is if you can afford $20 every time your engine needs 1 quart of oil ?

If you have GEO perhaps not, but is you just wasted 1/4 million on a fancy car, then shame on you if $20 is beyond you budget !

Cost or returning of USED SynLube usually is $7.00 to $12.00 for UPS Ground.

Now consider this AMSOIL, MOBIL, etc etc WILL NOT TAKE BACK EVEN FRESH UNUSED OIL they just sold you, I.e. It has absolutely NO value to them !!!

We take back SynLube even after 15 years or 150,000 miles or what ever, and give you back 100% of your money (by volume returned)...

To us Used SynLube has VALUE - it is reporcessed and sold to Government Fleets for $50.00 per Liter - and by mandate in some states Government vehicles have to use Reprocessed or Re-refined oil, and are prohibited to utilize lubricants made from fresh virgin oil - president Clinton signed that order few years back !

So there....
Oh boy, now he's talking about rocket fuel. My only thought is that he must have gotten an A in advertising (bovine scat) class. Hydrogen is hydrogen. The element is pure. There is no way for the molecules to combine, and have an attachment point for an impurity. Basic, high school chemistry stuff. And rocket fuel? The shuttle still uses Hydrogen and LOX, no changes. NASA also uses other hydrocarbon based fuels in other spacecraft as appropriate, but not because of "the fire incident", which was, BTW, a defect in the solid booster.
Add me and WC Fields to list of sceptics. "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance...."
Beanoil is correct and Miro is not. Pure ion free water is extremely agressive towards metals. The pure water prefers to be in solution with ions and will pick them up from any likely metallic donor.

If you want to see it in action, build a deionized water distribution sytem from copper tubing. It will last about 6 months before the copper is dissolved away and the pipe springs multiple leaks. I know this for a fact because I had to deal with this in a new lab I once moved into.

As was asked before, what exactly is the benefit from using pure water in the coolant? None of the benefits Miro mentioned hold up when examined.

Also, there are a lot of ultrapurification water processors out there for making reagent grade water for use in chemical labs testing ultratrace levels of metals in water samples. No one that needs ultrapure water is forced into reacting hydrogen with oxygen to make it.
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"To us Used SynLube has VALUE - it is reporcessed and sold to Government Fleets for $50.00 per Liter - and by mandate in some states Government vehicles have to use Reprocessed or Re-refined oil, and are prohibited to utilize lubricants made from fresh virgin oil - president Clinton signed that order few years back !"

Check your facts:

That is wrong no one is prohibited from using virgin oil, only that rerefined oil should be used if the quality and cost are the same as virgin with NO economic difference. If the rerefined costs more than the virgin supply the agency does not have to use it.

Source ILMA

Originally posted by Houckster:
I think I'm going to have to put BeanOil in the same category as Chumley: a troublemaker with nothing in the way of constructive comment. Of course, it might be Chumley under a new name.

Notoriety with anonymity. The best of both worlds.. Troublemaker, no. Fact finder, aggressive, creative thinker, not easily fooled, yes. You can continue to use whatever you please Sir Huckster, but don't come on to a chat board filled with intelligent people, parroting sales pitches from a web site filled with mispellings, unsupported data, and personal opinions, and expect others to follow like lost lambs because YOU believe the pitch. I call them as I see them, and I see a marketing pitch for the general public to encourage them to part with their dough. Don't get your internals in an uproar, I'm sure there will be plenty of folks who will buy the product. After all, didn't PT Barnum say there was one born every minute?
quote: won't have to change your coolant ever again. SynLube's coolant has a 300K mile service life.

Disregarding fact that this topic is about synthetic oil I would post a question: what would be noticeable difference between this service life and Amsoil's (non toxic and biodegradable) "Propylene Glycol Antifreeze and Engine Coolant" with seven years or 250,000 miles in passenger cars, light-duty trucks, vans and recreational vehicles and seven years or 750,000 miles in over-the-road diesel trucks? Additionally, it self-seals hairline cracks in welds and seams to prevent leaks, without additional stop-leak products or fibrous materials.
Answer is: "just" better priced!

Returning to topic - am I missing something or we (simply) are waiting for UOA analysis for two weeks? Don't you think that effectiveness like that is not recommending (and good enough)?
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Answer is: "just" better priced!

What are the respective prices US? Up here in the land of the outstretch palm, it's standard procedure to add between 40 to 60% to US prices, assuming both products are sold here in Canada. In this case, only Amsoil is available up here..

Returning to topic - am I missing something or we (simply) are waiting for UOA analysis for two weeks? Don't you think that effectiveness like that is not recommending (and good enough)? None of you guys are going believe the numbers, anyway.

What's the rush now that we are into pagce 14?
Sorry, the second part of the previous post should look like this:

Returning to topic - am I missing something or we (simply) are waiting for UOA analysis for two weeks? Don't you think that effectiveness like that is not recommending (and good enough)?

What's the rush now that we are into pagce 14?
Besides, none of you guys are going believe the numbers, anyway.
Is there an estimate, a date or something about when a uoa might be published? Can we get our Synlube user to make an estimate? I'm getting so excited, sitting here late at night, just thinking about a uoa from Synlube. Would a press release be in order? For something like this would Dan Rather come out of retirement? Oh, please, tell me it's comming, soon?
Posted Sat September 10 2005 06:36 AM
Originally posted by Houckster:
I sent in my oil sample to SynLube yesterday. I will post immediately upon receiving the results.

Posted Tue October 18 2005 11:18 PM
I sent in an oil sample about 2-3 weeks ago and SynLube has forwarded it the test lab they use. The testing facility has new owners and they are apparently having some problems with turnaround time. I will post the results as soon as I get them.

So you sent in the sample on Sept 9th?? or did you send it in "about 2-3 weeks ago"

Over 1 month for a UOA,s Id say the results are already suspect or at least the lab is.
I received a further communication from SynLube:

We finally got the results so I am mailing you the copy . . .

All is normal, at least within the "lab" error range.

The test guy is new and does not have clue, and they did not compare it to fresh oil like I asked them.

Any way the details about the results are on our web (I am sure you know about them).

Any specific questions e-mail me.

Because of the graphite the TBN comes about 6 to 7 points LESS than it is by chemical titration so again nothing to worry about and the real TBN is still way over 10.

They use electronic probe which conducts current through the sample and unless the result is at least 5 TAN the Syn is still OK to be used.

I have personally never seen more than TAN 0.5 which when compared by chemical titration was actually 5.8.
Unlike some of us I am not suspicious about (coming) UOA results. Lab is lab and has to do job (at least) properly (if they want to survive). But, I am really "wonderstruck" with all that dilation about analysis. With all other laboratories it takes 2 to 3 days (at most). With this one - more than month. (so) Special oil or extremely special lab?
If I were Miro Kefurt I would have them replaced immediately.
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