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I wonder, is X-1r the same as USA, different packages , heard that Malaysia, they are exporting to china, and many parts of South East Asia.
My car broke down twice with the uses of X-1R ..... reported to them took sample of my oil but no case at all, claiming that US don't bother my problems in Malaysia...such will definitely affect yours as well.....
Here is my story
My Toyota engine 2L2 turbo with year 1999 at mileage of 168051 broke down twice with the use of X-1R, once the car is at still on idling, the engine jam (bearing).
Since it advertised and claimed so greatly, I never give up, thinking that the X-1R is not proportion to engine oil.
Prepare to full overhaul, change all the require movable new origin parts, I am there personally make sure the mechanic lubricate each individual metal parts of engine with concentrate X-1R during assemble of engine.
When mount to the car, I personelly added Shell helix diesel plus plus another bottle of X-1R to make sure it has correct proportion.

Engine go fine for month plus( at 170111 mileage)travel down up to Singapore, Johore back to Kuala Lumpur for numbers of times at 110 plus per km. no problems, very fine as usual.
But when one day while my wife, daughter and me, my wife is driving at almost 80 km per hour, engine oil lighted, my wife immediately bring to road shoulder, and stop, there we hear metal sound from engine compartment. There I saw oil coming out from one of the pipe, it is from turbo return pipe, floor is full of engine oil. Even after toll from the break down location to my home about 30 km away, the oil still droping on my home floor. After a few day later, I was requested by X-1R staff, eddy to give him sample to be sent to USA for testing, I able to fill 8 oz full of engine oil. So there are still oil in the engine why? why?, in their advertising claimed the a plane without oil it still can fly. Is it truth or false ? If it is so good why it sell so cheap, now at promotion rm66.88 at Carrefour, many still can get less 30 % discount........see what the local agent reply, they are exporting to china and many other countries.. are this local or oversea products ? quality ?
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Here is what J. Milano did not disclose on his e-mail:
Mr Milano has had long term mechanical problems with his vehicle totally unrelated to the use of X-1R. His Toyota lost it's engine oil and was driven much further than acknowledged in his "story".

The mechanics who worked on his engine would not pay for his new engine. So, he decided to come after X-1R. By topping off his engine with 8 oz of our product, he believes we should warrant his driving with the red light on because our product advertises to protect engines. We are certain that his engine damage would have been far more severe and happened much sooner if he had not used our product.

We reviewed Milano's claim and found there was absolutely no merit or evidence whatsoever showing X-1R is at fault. We spent a lot of time with him, to help him and found his claim is baseless. He bases his claim on his misunderstanding of our infommercial, where we showed an airplane engine performing without engine oil. We never said you can drive your vehicle without engine oil... if there were a product that replaces engine oil, I think we all would be pretty interested.

The bottom line- this guy threatented to write negative comments to harm X-1R's name in Asia if we didn't buy him a new engine. Now he has done it and exposed himself to the legal consequences.

X-1R does not pay off extortion and never will. If he posts another story, I will attach some of his statements on my next post, so you can see how much his story changes....

Jeff Ketchledge
X-1R VP Sales & Marketing
Daytona Beach, Florida
Roll Eyes
Sounds like a typical consumer! You know, the ones that aren't mature enough to admit that they were the cause of their problems.

Sorry, when you run out of oil, or do not use quality oil, or do not perform regular oil changes, or do not top off the oil regularly, or have a hack mechanic, you WILL have problems!

I know too many people who wait for the idiot light(engine is self destructing light) prior to fixing issues.
It is sad to see the comments from Mr Milano are still posted on this site. I personally dealt with Mr Milano in my capacity of CEO for X1R in the Asia Pacific region, we gave him the ultimate respect and a lot of time. In the rare event that we receive a complaint about our product we make every effort to investigate the claims, this complaint was treated like all the others. Unfortunately Mr Milano did not tell the entire story as indicated in the message frm Mr Jeff Ketchledge. To put it simply his car had been in and out of the mechanic for at least four to five months prior to the use of X1R as the new engine that he had put into his vehicle would not function properly. When eventually he experienced a catastropphic falure of his engine he initially tried to get the mechanic to pay for a new engine, when this failed he approached us.

Please rest assured that the product that is sold throughout the world comes from but one factory located at Fentress Boulevard, Daytona, Florida, USA. All product is subject to stringent quality checks prior to shipment both in the USA and in the regional HQ in Malaysia.

Nigel McKenzie CEO Asia Pacific
use a commercial grade of motor oil and forget ALL oil additives. over the road trucks run almost 24 hours per day pulling loads that are more than double their own weight and travel more than a million miles using an A.P.I. commercial grade 15/w40 or 10/w30 without lubricant failure,and with out oil additives .the crankshaft in these engines are three times heavier than automobile cranks, the rods are three times heavier, the pistons, etc. the water temp is greater the oil temp is greater and a host of other extremes that auto/ light trucks never see;and they do it with out additional additives.

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