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Originally posted by enochca:
Taterand..thanks for this information and we can see this answer is funny too, as i know all manufacture will keep and save all important data like test result from independent and qualified Laboratory for their product and if customer ask they can show this copy/printed test result complete with dated, but "Not Sure exact date"????? wear.. beside this MSDS dated in March 19, 2010 and very-very long-time to publish this MSDS sheet...Wouw....... test in 1990 and publish to customer in 2010 after 20 years........
we can see this....hmm...

Yeah. I'm still waiting for the test from the AAA that synlube claims it passes.
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Originally posted by Nucleardawg:
Yes it is under review for the nasty language, out and out false claims, and free advertising that Synlube tried.

Hopefully Noria will look at the big picture and realize the professionalism of the website was compromised by the sales pitch of Synlube.

Hopefully the sales pitch tactic leads to a ban of all 'Synners'.

Nucleardawg, excuse me sir, YOU were one person who was spewing foul language on more than a couple of occasions.
Yes this site would be totally civil if the 'synners' such as Inhaliburton, Miro, and Captain Kirk were to receive PERMA BANS.

It seems everytime one opens this site they are spewing the 'Synlube Shuffle'. The 'Synners' Inhaliburton , Miro, and Captain Kirk have jepordized the integrity of this site.

Instead of a professional site one goes to receive information, and have questions answered it has become a advertising forum for Synlube.

Synlube, along with Inhaliburton, Miro, and Captain Kirk, need to receive the PERMA BAN, in order to restore the publics confidence in this site.

Unfortunately this site has become nothing but a advertising forum for a product, that was found to be nothing but severly mediocre. Synlube along with it's 3 posters, have flaunted all decorum, and have made a mockery of this site, and it's moderators..

A Perma Ban is required to restore confidence.
Pretty bad that when you ask for proof that the tests were passed, you get nothing but salvo after salvo of insults.

Inhal did that alot. Thus he is on my ignore list.

Why is there such a problem asking to see verifiable proof that the tests that synlube claim to pass are real.

Yeah , sure Big Oil shut the thread down. And yet, they exsist all over the web.
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